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Gas distribution mechanism - important and complex assembly of the   The operation of this mechanism is strictly synchronized with the ignition and injection. In addition, through the gas distribution mechanism occurs the supply of fuel into the engine cylinder, and the output of the combustion products. Diagnostics of these mechanisms - an important part of the "life" of the car.

?    Timing term implies a complex mechanical elements - the camshaft, rocker springs, tappets and transmission gears, they open and close the intake valves, and do so in such a way that the exhaust gases, the fuel and the air moved by the scheme of the engine.


   Diagnostics timing - this is important!

     The statistical data from numerous studies have shown that a large amount of it is due to a malfunction occurs damage car engines timing.

   Diagnostics of this mechanism in the workshop fairly common procedure. On modern cars gas distribution mechanism it is most common with overhead valves, although uncommon and cars with side valves, but in any case to make the diagnosis timing should be professionals.